We have a redhouse at the new place

Moving is always a drag, as well as if you say otherwise it means you are rich enough to spend our money someone to move you.

I am not rich, so moving meant packing up all our stuff into boxes, loading them on a truck, then unloading them somewhere else to unpack.

It takes days, as well as it is bad both mentally as well as physically, I end up feeling drained by it, however the 1 thing about the movie that had myself and others super psyched was the redhouse in the backyard. It was about multiple by ten, multiple feet high, glass everywhere, simply the perfect spot to beginning growing cannabis. There was even a spot in the wall, neart the ground, for a temperature control system, even though I wasn’t planning on using that for our marijuana plants, at least not at first. In the past I have only used a closet or an attic as a marijuana grow room, with entirely limited results. With the redhouse, the marijuana plants could get all the direct sun they could handle, but still remain safely hidden away from prying eyeah. I would also grow some flowers or veggies, to keep up appearances, even though I was eager to plant as many marijuana seeds as I could get our hands on. I don’t expect our first harvest to yield any smokable cannabis, but by the fifth or third generation I should have some amazing weed on our hands. The only way to learn marijuana cultivation is to just do it as well as see what works, as well as wit this redhouse I program on doing just that.

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