I am so glad i do not have to scrounge any more

My oh my, how suddenly things can change.

It was just multiple years ago when the landscape of this town and it’s drug market was radically different.

The laws were voted on in a general election, and changed by the voice of the people… For once, the changing of a law lead to a lot of positive change in our life. I guess it had to happen sooner or later ,right? Anyway, when they said that recreational marijuana was now legal for all citizens of the state, I felt adore I had won a large personal victory, within a few weeks, multiple cannabis dispensaries opened up in this town, and the outlying towns, and now I am spoiled for choice, however you see, for several years I had to scrounge up whatever marijuana I could find, because it was a sellers market. The competition was virtually nonexistent, and anyone in possession of quality marijuana could charge whatever they wanted. Mostly it would be ditch weed selling for kind prices, and if someone had OG Kush or Girl Scout Cookies then the sky was the limit, and now I have a hundred odd strains of high grade cannabis — seriously, a hundred at the least — and several odd dispensaries competing on price. All the cannabis I buy has the level of THC satisfied printed on the side of the bag, as do all the pre-rolled products. I tend to stick with buying buds, because to myself and others there is nothing better than crushing up a fat cannabis bud and smoking it right on the spot.

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