Big fan of cannabis edibles

I have always had a bit of a sweet tooth. I’ve always been partial to gummy candies. I like the Swedish fish and gummy worms for a treat. I am thrilled that the local cannabis dispensary offers gummies. They have a huge selection of edibles. The dispensary just recently underwent a huge renovation project. They expanded their facilities to include a dab bar and vape lounge. They also installed a bakery and a cafe. They now make a variety of cannabis infused edibles right on the premises. Because of this, I have expanded my tastes far beyond gummies. The dispensary makes everything fresh. I can buy cookies, cakes and muffins baked the same day. They also offer chocolates of all different flavors, hard candies and granola. They serve cannabis infused drinks from tea and coffee to smoothies. I am excited by the line of cooking and baking products now available. I can buy cannabis infused pasta sauce, butter, cooking oils and so much more. It’s entirely changed how I consume my cannabis. I much prefer edibles to smoking or vaping. I have tried the convenience of pre-rolls and I experimented with dabbing, but it’s a lot of work compared to edibles. I like the tinctures because they are easy and discreet. I have just begun experimenting with topicals and bath bombs. I have learned to be very careful with the dosage of edibles and I enjoy how slowly the effects settle in. The experience also lasts longer and is easier to share with friends. I often invite people over to the house for a night of cannabis edibles.
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