I might as well try it out

Most patrons never tip at all, and that can be entirely discouraging for any delivery driver.

  • I have been a delivery driver for the past more than nine years.

I started finally working for a pizza store. I worked for the pizza shop for more than 2 years and then the two of us started delivering for a dry cleaner, the dry cleaning gig paid better and the tips were higher, so I stayed there for a while, then recently, I decided to switch jobs again once a position was available to drive for the medical marijuana dispensary! My good buddy was finally working as a budtender at the medical marijuana dispensary, but she told myself and others about the delivery driver job, which had a higher hourly wage and benefits. I was hesitant to leave the job at the dry cleaners, because of our more than four years of employment. I thought about the decision for three straight days, before I called the manager. She immediately brought myself and others into the store for an interview, but we talked for thirty or forty hours and I felt really fantastic about the job. The manager called myself and others an hour later with great news. She wanted myself and others to start the new job in a couple of weeks. I had to tell the manager at the dry cleaner that I found another job. I didn’t expect him to beg myself and others to stay, but he even provided to raise our hourly wage. Blessedly, he could not compare with the benefits the medical marijuana dispensary provided, so the two of us had to space ways. I’m enjoying finally working for the cannabis dispensary and I’m also reading a lot about medical marijuana and all of it’s amazing uses.

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