Legal cannabis is helpful for me

The process of becoming a legal medical cannabis patient in our state is easy. The cost for the process was fairly expensive. I needed to see a licensed physician to get a recommendation for a medical marijuana card. I don’t have health insurance that covers a regular doctor’s visit. I think it’s ridiculous that I needed to pay nearly $100 to sit down with a doctor for ten minutes. All he did was listen to me talk. I told him that I suffer from headaches, insomnia, hot flashes and some social anxiety. I mentioned that I’d like to try cannabis to treat my issues. He agreed it was a good idea and wrote me a recommendation. I had to wait to get approval for the card. When I finally received the card in the mail, I was able to visit the local cannabis dispensary. My card doesn’t allow me to buy anything I want. I can’t get anything with a high level of THC. But I have access to a wide range of flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, tinctures, shatter, vapes, topicals and edibles. I can choose from indica, sativa or hybrids, depending on the type of experience I’m looking for. There are lots of different terpenes available. I have been gradually experimenting with different strains and terpenes to see what works best for me. I am just happy that I can now purchase cannabis to treat my symptoms rather than rely on a prescription from the doctor. The prescription medication is too expensive and comes with too many harmful side effects.

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