One good thing about this year is legal cannabis delivery

I no longer have to go to the medical marijuana store near me

Everyone easily knows that this has been a year like no other in our nation. The bunch of us are all walking around wearing these ridiculous masks that deliver us acne and make us have a hard time breathing. If all of us don’t wear them, all of us get the side eye at best and get thrown in the jail at worst. The group of us are now working from home – which in my state, if you task for the state – essentially means not working at all and continuing to get paid for the better space of the year. In my case, I am now working more than ever, as now working from home often means working at night or answering messages on the weekend. This is honestly something that didn’t happen particularly often before. The group of us are paying weekly fees to belong to delivery companies and paying so much more for the stuff all of us buy because they have unusual prices when compared to the grocery store itself. The group of us are calling in orders ahead and waiting in the car essentially like kings waiting to have our goods taken to us by the peasants. Even legal cannabis stores have been able to adjust to serve their patrons. Legal cannabis delivery services used to be illegal, however now they are allowed and have proven to be entirely useful. I no longer have to go to the medical marijuana store near me. I can head on over to the online marijuana store and have my medical or recreational weed delivered to my property. The best online pot stores also have real-time inventory markers so that you don’t become frustrated by ordering a strain of medical marijuana only to find out later that all the stock was sold before you decided to place your online pot store order.



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