There are websites dedicated to outlining each state’s medical marijuana rules

I had some problems with the medication my doctor prescribed.

I started meeting with a psychiatrist a couple of years ago, shortly after I left active duty.

The doctor set me up with personal therapy once per week, and group therapy twice per month. I was seeing some progress with my mental health, but I wasn’t happy with the medication. The psychiatrist prescribed an antidepressant, but it caused the opposite effects. Instead of stabilizing my mood swings and depression, it had a stimulating effect on our mind. The anxiety got worse and more frequent, and I knew I needed something different to help me. That’s when I did some research and got interested in medical cannabis. I had smoked marijuana a couple of times during college, but it was extremely weak and I felt nothing but a slight buzz. I found a website that offered a ton of information about medical cannabis and how beneficial it is for lots of medical ailments. The website featured tabs for each state because the laws vary greatly on what is allowed and what is available. In my state, it’s available for medical and recreational use. I decided to visit the cannabis dispensary, consult with a budtender and try something new. He told me about the difference between the strains, explaining sativa, indica and hybrid options. We talked about terpenes, THC and CBD. Cannabis has made a huge improvement in my treatment. I am finally enjoying a better quality of life.



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