Building my growing facility

I am easily enjoying my new activity growing marijuana plants in a small little growing facility I built in my backyard.

Assembling the parts from scratch was one of the last things that I did with my father before he passed away from a heart condition earlier this year.

It was exciting getting to build a large structure in the backyard with my father. It reminded us both of the time he helped me build a skate ramp behind the beach home when I was a kid. That unique project took us more than 2 weeks to finish, as well as it is a highlight of my childhood. My friends as well as I played on that skate park ramp daily for years while in elementary, middle, as well as high school. The difference with the growing facility is that I did most of the physical work, opposed to my father who did most of the task with the skate ramp. I love this growing facility as well as the marijuana that I’ve grown with it thus far. The last few batches are dry curing right now, however sooner than later I’m going to turn a single into concentrates. There are different options for extracting THC as well as other cannabinoids from cannabis flower buds. For self-explanatory extraction, you can flood the material with a solvent love butane, ethanol, or C02. Or you can make live rosin out of straining as well as then squeezing frozen trichomes gathered from fresh cuttings of marijuana plants that haven’t been dried out yet. Hashish is similar to live rosin, but instead you’re sorting out trichomes from dry cured cannabis flower buds, which alters the cannabinoids present in the end product.


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