I care about getting free statewide delivery from the medical marijuana dispensary

There are so many benefits to getting a membership to store rewards programs.

Often you have a little card that you will scan whenever checking out at the cash register. Although most stores have rewards cards available, the sort of promotions provided with the card can vary greatly. Occasionally some stores will let you receive decreasing amounts of cash off future purchases as you gain more reward points. Other stores simply offer coupons to buyers with big numbers of points on their reward card programs. Even if it’s just a coupon program, you can get access to buy-one-get-one-free deals that could otherwise be unavailable to normal buyers. As someone who has had these cards for many years, I was excited when I heard that the medical marijuana dispensaries were going to start to offer rewards points programs of their own. I didn’t know what to expect, even though I was truly ecstatic to find out that our number one dispensary was going to offer free statewide delivery for all buyers that make at least 1 order each week. The plan of getting free statewide delivery from our number one fave medical marijuana dispensary was thrilling. In the past the same dispensary officially charged $10 whenever I utilized their cannabis delivery services. I’m sure I’m not the only lady who is excited for this modern change. I also heard that the reward points on your account will go toward 25% off coupons that can be used on any sizable purchase. Shopping at the medical marijuana dispensary has suddenly gotten a lot cheaper and much easier. And now that I can get free house delivery, I never have to step foot into the cannabis dispensary ever again.

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