I have a cannabis delivery busy for tomorrow but wasn’t given an arrival time

I haven’t had to do much since I started toiling from my home.

The task I had two years ago was remote from afternoon 1, and I loved having this level of autonomy while still toiling a full time position. This task resulted in a kneel off towards the end of last year. When I landed the more up-to-date position in late January, I had no plan that I’d be toiling from house again in just two week’s time. The pandemic hit us in early March and our supplier among numerous others sent all of their office support staff to all work from home. On the 1 hand, it’s amazing because I can get everything from the grocery or the department store delivered to our house. I can make a grocery list and get it delivered to our front step just numerous hours later. It doesn’t matter when the deliveries are busy because I rarely ever leave our house with our remote task. This is how I buy cannabis now as well. I quit going to visit cannabis dispensaries after they all announced their own cannabis delivery services. They tend to vary a considerable degree, though. My number one fave dispensary offers free statewide delivery on any sized order, but there is only 1 available delivery spot each week for every region in the state. Other dispensaries offer next afternoon delivery, but they tend to charge someplace between $10 and $25 on every order under $200. This week I placed an online order at the cannabis dispensary that is a few miles from their house. They charged $15 for delivery, and when I was given a delivery window, it stated that the delivery could come by at any time between 8am to 7pm. Even though I work from house and will be here all through afternoon tomorrow, I absolutely wish the cannabis dispensary could supply myself and others a slightly more definitive delivery window. Having this long an appointment window is insufficient.



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