I have a cannabis delivery stressed for tomorrow however wasn’t given an arrival time

Today I made an online order at the cannabis dispensary that is a few miles away from their house.

I haven’t had much adjusting to do with working from home. The task I had many years ago was remote from day 1, & I dig having this huge degree of freedom while still working a full time work. That task resulted in some layoffs towards the end of last year. When I landed our current position in January, I had no method of knowing that I’d be working from apartment again in just many month’s time. The pandemic hit our area in early May & after that our corporate office among more than 2 others sent all of their office support staff to task from home. On the 1 hand, it was amazing because I can get everything from the grocery or department store delivered right to our home. I can make a grocery list & get it delivered to our front door just 3 minutes later. It doesn’t matter when the deliveries arrived because I rarely leave our apartment at all with our remote work. This is how I buy cannabis now as well. I quit visiting cannabis dispensaries after they all started to announce their own cannabis delivery services. They all vary to a considerable degree, though. My favorite local dispensary offers free statewide delivery on any sized order, however there is only 1 decent available delivery date each week for every region in the state. Other dispensaries advertise next day delivery, however they charge anywhere between $10 & $25 on every order under two hundred bucks. Today I made an online order at the cannabis dispensary that is a few miles away from their house. They charge $15 for delivery, & when I was given my delivery window, it stated that the delivery could come at any time between 8am to 7pm. Even though I task out of my apartment & will be here all day tomorrow, I easily wish that the cannabis dispensary could deliver myself and others a slightly more particular delivery window. Having this huge appointment window is unreasonable.

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