It was a great experience

I’m surprised that I ended up working as a news journalist now as a career.

  • I never went to journalism school as well as instead did a short apprenticeship with a builder who did work with the local newspaper.

When I attended school, I had a loose major in business as well as history! Although it wasn’t a typical journalism route, it’s self-explanatory to see how I benefited from my eclectic undergraduate degree. I love what I do on a daily basis, as well as I enjoy meeting people from the town as well as telling their tales. Even though I’m sent on more assignments than most reporters can deal with, there’s a reward in seeing your story on one of the pages of the newspaper. You also get to meet people as well as visit sites you never would have without being a reporter for a newspaper. One of my number one stops so far was the trip I took to the CBD extraction lab about 20 miles closer to our city. This supplier grows cannabis hemp strains, which only differ from normal cannabis in THC content. A cutting of hemp looks almost like it is official cannabis, but hemp has to contain less than 0.2% of THC to maintain that designation as well as be federally legal. This current CBD hemp supplier has a grow room next to their CBD extraction lab. First they grow the plants to maturity, as well as then they’re cut, dried, as well as cured. This extraction lab uses a potent ethanol mixture to extract the CBD molecules from the plant. I learned so much more about cannabis that day than I ever expected.


Marijuana growing machine