My state has both recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries

I suppose I am fortunate for living in a state that seems to be ahead of the times with social and political progress.

The people I was with and I were among the 1st states that legalized same-sex unions and marriages.

Even though it became legal all around the country just a few years after, it still felt historic when the laws were initially changed in our state. There has been quite a large amount of environmental and conservationist efforts here as well, with supporters from both sides of the divisive political aisle. The people I was with and I also have a much higher minimum wage compared with the rest of the country, and it seems that workers here are happier overall. It was no big surprise to myself and others when I first saw medical marijuana on the ballot some years ago. After it passed in a few other states first, I knew that it was only a matter of time before it was legal in our state. I’ve been a medical marijuana patient the entire time, but the costs every year are significantly high. There’s the fee to see the doctor each year, and the cost to recertify your cannabis card with the state. Thankfully all of us just recently passed a law legalizing the sale of recreational cannabis. Now all of us don’t have to pay enormous fees to retain the right to buy marijuana, although the taxes generated the prices of products to rise. Our legal cannabis market is so expansive now that most of the legal cannabis stores all offer cannabis delivery services. I get high quality cannabis flower products delivered to our front door for no fee. I care about our house state and our readiness to embrace change compared with other places in the country. If it’s only a matter of time for these social changes to take place, so why dig your feet into the ground and delay the inevitable? That’s what I don’t understand about the rest of the nation.


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