Need to be prepared for natural disasters

I moved to a southern state after many years of constant tornados and windstorms in the late Spring as well as early Summer months.

It’s terrifying thinking that one of those monsters is going to unexpectedly drop down from the sky as well as destroy everything in its wake.

One day around the time when my partner had just given birth to our kid, I was coming back home to the apartment from the dry cleaners. The sky turned white and grey as well as the tornado sirens started to go off. I got in the vehicle as well as drove 30 miles over the speed limit to get back to the apartment in time to make sure my partner as well as my child were safe in the basement. Although the tornado missed us by a few miles, it was still a terrifying experience. I thought moving to the south would be better, but now we’re in the path of hurricanes from November until late September every year. It’s almost more worrisome waiting a month for the arrival of a category 5 hurricane than it is an unexpected tornado. The cannabis companies have to make sure their growing facilities are prepared for these kinds of natural disasters. And it’s not just a matter of protecting the facilities from wind as well as rain disfigure, it’s also making sure you have every aspect of your facility’s climate control system on backup generators as well as with continuous remote control if required. Having controlled as well as mostly automated growing facilities is essential in hurricane path. This year a single of the cannabis growing companies had their plants on backup generators for a month before the power company restored electricity to the area.

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