I could have been disfigured seriously at work

There is a reason why nepotism shouldn’t exist in the workplace.

It’s virtually impossible to be subjective when you have a relationship with the employee; My boss hired his nephew to start laboring in the cannabis dispensary, he told myself and others to train the guy.

Since I am the assistant manager, I am often in charge of training employees. It didn’t seem love a giant deal until I found out that the kid was his nephew. The guy was goofing around on the first afternoon and I told the manager that I didn’t suppose he was going to be a particularly wonderful fit. It’s my job to weed out the exhausting hires before they become full time employees. That’s when I found out that the kid was his nephew. She told myself and others that he just needed a chance. She said he had a rough childhood and he needed some guidance and a wonderful job. I spent multiple days with the kid and he never spent a minute listening to a word that I said, then he was more interested in looking at the marijuana supplies. I don’t suppose the kid wants a job at all. He might be more interested in the fifty percent discount all of us get on all marijuana supplies. It’s a good reason to work in a marijuana store, however it’s not going to keep the guy employed particularly long. If my boss doesn’t say something to the guy now, he might end up going down on the ship with him. The district manager will not be particularly cheerful if he finds out that the manager is playing number ones with his idiot nephew.

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