Cannabis is the solution for my brother's depression

I recently learned antidepressants can actually cause a person to become more depressed. These prescription pharmaceuticals can be addicting and cause all sorts of long-term and harmful side effects. A lot of prescription pills are terrible for patients with addictive personalities. My brother was diagnosed with depression about two years ago. My family was reluctant to supply him with a drug he could potentially abuse. He has battled addiction to multiple substances his whole life. After some research, I came across a more natural and safe solution and it is proving to be a wonderful thing for him. A lot of medical marijuana patients are finding relief for depression. Using cannabis is a safer and more natural approach to wellness. It’s less addictive than a pill. It is also impossible to overdose from cannabis. After getting my brother a legal medical cannabis card, the process was smooth and quick. The medical marijuana dispensary offers a wide selection of options. The budtenders are knowledgeable and more than happy to consult with my brother about his concerns and preferences. He discussed different consumption possibilities. Since my brother is a smoker, he wasn’t overly interested in edibles or tinctures. He mainly smokes loose flowers and enjoys the convenience of pre-rolls. Sometimes he will dabble with cannabis oil and vaping. His strains are fairly heavy in THC because he enjoys the high sensation. His depression has been significantly better. I have never seen him so calm, positive and happy. There were points in his life when getting out of bed was too much for him to manage. My brother has started a new job, is casually dating a great girl and gets together with the family for dinner every weekend.

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