I followed all the traffic laws.

I am one the most cautious drivers they have at our marijuana dispensary

Nothing stands out in my mind more than the time I got pulled over by the police. My friends and I were weaving in and out between the orange cones they put on the highway. It was like a test of our driving skills, but normally we would make sure there were no cops around. The night we got pulled over, I was driving, and we weren’t watching for cops. We not only got a fine, but we were taken out of the car and forced to take a breathalyzer test. They were testing us for drug use and they even checked the car for drugs, paraphernalia and alcohol. This scared me so much that I have never done anything illegal when driving the car. I am now a delivery person for a local marijuana dispensary. When I am working, I am even more careful with my driving skills. I don’t want to be pulled over when I may have three or four marijuana orders in my car. I don’t want the police to think that I am carrying the marijuana illegally. I would probably lose my job if I were to get picked up by the police. They could possibly confiscate whatever marijuana I had in the car, even if it was legal. I am one the most cautious drivers they have at our marijuana dispensary. I know that I’m not doing anything illegal when I am driving. You just don’t know what the police are going to do anymore, so it is important that as a marijuana dispensary delivery person, I am even more careful.



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