I got my ideal job.

I wasn’t really looking for a job when I got the one I am loving.

Working wasn’t even part of the agenda.

I was enjoying doing what I did best. I was growing marijuana. It was a love that I garnered from living with my parents. Mom and dad were old hippies and they enjoyed living in a commune. They all worked together and grew vegetables. They also worked together and grew marijuana. They had some of the purest and smoothest marijuana that anyone could imagine. They even had us kids working in the fields from the time we could walk. We weren’t forced to work, but we all worked together. I enjoyed playing in the gardens. I love picking fresh vegetables. I also loved the smell of the marijuana. By the time I was ten, I could distinguish the different strains of marijuana not just by sight, but by the smell. They were so distinct and they ranged from sweet to acrid. I could tell if we were going to get a premium price for our crop, just by looking at the marijuana plants and smelling them. Mom and dad weren’t surprised when I decided to start my own marijuana farming business when they made medical marijuana legal in our state. I loved the farming side, but throwing in marijuana as the crop was a sweet deal. I was getting paid well for my marijuana crop and some of the dispensaries were buying just from me. I couldn’t have found a more ideal job if I had been looking for one.


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