I’m dealing with 2020.

This past year hasn’t been very good for anyone. We have all been dealing with this horrible pandemic and trying to deal with all of the changes that have come with it. People, including myself, have lost their jobs and are in danger of losing their homes. We also have all the upset that has come from other happenings in this country. Some people are so sick and tired of the situation that they are angry at the world. Other people have chosen to deal the best way they know how. I deal with losing my job, the ability to see my family and friends, and losing my fiance, by starting out my day with a regular routine. I have a big bowl of marijuana to start my day. Marirjuana is better than any exercise I can do, or any breakfast I may consume. I start out my day in a good mood and ready to face anything the news may have to tell me. If I find that I am having a difficult time in the middle of the day, I light up a joint and enjoy the soothing feeling the marijuana gives me. I relax and feel like I am able to take control of my life and all situations. I think the marijuana is the reason my fiance left me because she thought I was hiding from the situation. I was just dealing with it in the best way I knew how. I figure that if we couldn’t get through this year, there was no way we were going to survive a lifetime together.

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