Legal weed makes for a fun honeymoon

When we planned our honeymoon, my fiance and I had to limit ourselves to staying within the continental United States.

Because of COVID restrictions, traveling abroad just wasn’t allowed. At first, I was legitimately disappointed. I had wanted to either experience the new culture and visit the historic sites in Europe or lie on a tropical beach and relax. My fiance was really wonderful about researching areas and finding lots for us to do. We traveled to an area that offers just beautiful scenery. The weather cooperated so that we could spend time outdoors. There were some lovely restaurants still open and we got to go to the beach a few times. One thing we discovered was lots of cannabis dispensaries. Where we come from, medical marijuana is legal but not recreational consumption. We would need to qualify for a special card after seeing a medical doctor in order to be allowed access to legal weed. In our honeymoon location, we found that we could just walk into any of the dispensaries and purchase anything we wanted. My new husband and I hadn’t consumed marijuana since we graduated from college. We were excited to try all sorts of products. There was so much to choose from. We browsed a selection of cannabis gummies, chocolates, cookies, granola, CBD products, oils, tinctures and even cannabis drinks and cooking oils. A lot of bars, hiking trails and swimming pools were closed because of the virus, so we spent a lot of time at our resort. My husband and I stayed in our room and enjoyed our cannabis products. We smoked, ate or drank something every day. We had fun getting high in the evenings. It was a total blast for us. Now that we are home, we miss having easy access to marijuana. We really enjoyed the relaxation and sense of peace those products provided.


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