My dad now supports legal weed

My father always warned me against marijuana.

  • He believed it was a gateway drug and dangerous to consume even in small doses.

He insisted that the country would fall to shambles if cannabis was ever legalized for medical or recreational purposes. After my father was tested and diagnosed with prostate cancer, he felt differently. His doctor highly recommended medical marijuana to offset the side-effects of chemotherapy. Cannabis is also showing promise in the treatment of cancer. My father was nervous about buying and consuming marijuana. After spending some time at a marijuana dispensary, he felt totally at ease. The marijuana dispensary is surprisingly big, modern, clean and welcoming. The budtenders are all extremely knowledgeable, approachable and informative. They have been great about providing mairjuana facts and answering my father’s questions. They have provided assurances he needed to pursue treatment. My dad took a quick tour of the facility, including their on-site bakery and vape lounge. He learned a lot more about cannabis oils, concentrates, edibles, tinctures and loose flower. He got to see pre-rolls, fresh-baked edibles and sample some topicals. The budtender helped him decide the cannabis products that best suit his preferences and symptoms. There was some debate over whether or not my father wanted to smoke. For smoking, there is a whole range of options to choose from. Because of the budtender, my father got everything he needed and felt good about it. My father now vapes legal weed in the morning. He’s become a total supporter of marijuana. He now says recreational cannabis should be legalized in our state. After being on the receiving end of the benefits and marijuana culture, my father’s mindset has entirely changed to become more open and accepting. Marijuana has offered him a natural treatment and proven effective. It’s allowed him a better quality of life.

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