Taking advantage of cannabis laws down south

For the last six years I have suffered with difficulty sleeping. I tried everything to calm down, relax and sleep through the night. I invested in a pillow-top mattress and dressed it up with bamboo sheets and a cooling gel pillow. I chose a state-of-the-art sound machine to mask outdoor noise pollution. I increased the intensity level of my workout and started drinking soothing mango tea before bed. I was still very restless at night. I lived in the northeastern part of the country all my life. The laws on cannabis are strict. When my husband and I started living the snowbird life down south, I realized I could finally qualify for legal marijuana. I made the effort to change my address and became an official southern resident. I then went through the whole process to get a medical marijuana card. The doctor’s appointment, setting up an online profile and fees to have access to an array of cannabis products was nominal. I then made my first trip to a cannabis dispensary. I have a prescription that allows me to try cannabis oil, loose flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, edibles and topicals. I prefer vaping cannabis oil before bed. I fill up the cartridge in my vape pen and inhale a few puffs before turning out the light. I didn’t care if I ended up high as long as I slept. The strain I chose is quite low in THC content and high in CBD. I don’t get high at night, but I feel calm and relaxed. I finally sleep through the night because of the assistance of medical marijuana. When I return to my home in the north this summer, I can’t forget to pack my cannabis products.


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