The police weren’t even following us.

Last month my friends and I were cruising the streets.

We were looking for some friends of ours and just laughing and yukking it up.

We had marijuana in the car, but that wasn’t anything unusual. The only time we thought anything about the marijuana was if we saw a police officer. We would keep the mairjuana out of sight so it couldn’t be seen. Once in a while, a police officer will see people in a car and follow them just to see if they can make them nervous. The second they do something suspicious, the people get pulled over. That is what we thought was happening when we noticed the police officer following closely behind us. We decided to try to just out drive them. I think that may be why they decided to follow us for a while. It must have seemed odd that we took two quick turns. When we didn’t see the behind us, we pulled into a parking lot. Ten seconds later, the police slowed down as they drove past the same parking lot. We were sure we were going to have a visit from them. Before they could go around the block and get back to the entrance, we dumped our stash of marijuana into the trash. We slowly pulled out of the parking lot and headed down the road. Without the marijuana, we weren’t nearly as worried as if it was in the car. That’s when we realized we had dumped the marijuana for no reason. The police weren’t following us for us, but because they were also heading toward the local McDonald’s.

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