We thought we could go back for it.

There is nothing more fun than grabbing a couple ounces of your favorite weed strain and heading out for a long weekend.

My friends and I do it regularly.

If we have a long, arduous week at school and take a bunch of tests, we head out of town for the weekend. My dad lets us use his hunting cabin. We make sure to keep it clean and it is always ready for us. Last week, we all crawled into my friends car and headed to the mountains. I couldn’t believe that we were only ten minutes away when the car stopped. We sat there looking at each other, knowing we had to do something. We had just passed a garage, and we knew it would only be a ten minute walk. The problem was what would happen if a police officer came by and found the marijuana in the car before we could get back. We chose to bury the marijuana in the middle of the woods. All we kept out of our marijuana stash was a joint that we shared during the walk. We got a can of gas and headed back to the car. After getting the car running again, we decided to dig up our marijuana. I guess we didn’t think about how many trees were around us. We just randomly chose a tree to shelter our marijuana without making any notice of exactly where it was. We spent an hour trying to find the right tree, but we never found the marijuana. Our only choice was to get to the nearest city and buy more. It’s a good thing recreational marijuana was available in our state.

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