Weed in my home

It’s so amazing to no longer have roommates to share a cabin with.

  • I was sick as well as exhausted of being the only lady who had the decency to clean up after themselves.

I might have been the only lady who ever cleaned the lavatory. If I hadn’t, it would have gone months with an enormous level of bacterial as well as fungal coming on as a result. I was also the only lady who ever did the dishes in the kitchen, as well as it was by the grace of God that both of us had a dishwasher at the time that I could use. It wasn’t easy living with roommates, however it was much more affordable. My rent right now is $1,100 each month for our apartment. Although I have a task that gives me the purchasing power to afford this kind of rent payment, I still recognize the financial strain. Whenever I’m stressing over money, I remind myself that I am the master of our domain and literally never have to worry about losing food to roommates or cleaning up after their messes. I also have the power to grow a few marijuana plants in our cabin now that I don’t have any roommates to mess around with our equipment. I live in a state that not only has legal recreational cannabis stores, however it also allows all residents over the age of 21 to grow up to many different types of plants within their private property. I ordered a cannabis grow chalet off the internet that can fit up to multiple mature marijuana plants. It’s a great way to get into cannabis cultivation without splitting the bank.



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