I've been eating a lot of munchies since I started smoking pot.

A couple of weeks ago, my doctor suggested smoking pot to help with a long-term eating disorder, and i had anorexia from the time I was ten.

I struggled to accept my body image as well as I did not want to eat anything.

I did not want to be fat. I still struggle with the emotional as well as physical effects that the disease caused to my body. I’ve struggled to maintain a great weight as well as healthy BMI for years! Recently, my health care provider suggested something drastic. I started seeing a new mental health care professional! She told me that smoking weed could improve my mental health as well as make me recognize hungry. I was a little distraught at first, however the doctor gave me plenty of literature on using cannabis to treat illnesses appreciate mine. Since I live in a legal recreational cannabis state, I didn’t even need to get a license or a special card, however the doctor sent me to a marijuana treatment dispensary to talk with someone. The kind as well as helpful person talked to me about using cannabis. She described the odd forms of cannabis that could help my situation. She helped me option out some gummies that have CBD as well as THC. They help with the pain I recognize as well as they also elevate my mood, after I use some cannabis, I regularly recognize hungry for anything in the house. The munchies are a great side effect. I never worry about calories when I raid the fridge after 1 smoke session. I did not expect cannabis to help me in so several ways, however it feels appreciate a multivitamin.

Purple haze