Alzhiemers can be helped with medical cannabis

Honestly, I could see that total recognition in her eyes

Watching our father slip away from us has been a single, if not the most painful things I have ever experienced. But, that is what Alzhiemers does to people. They just get further and further detachd from reality and the life that they know. Yet, the two of us just got some wonderful news now that there is medical cannabis in our state. The fight to get medical cannabis was a single that has been waged for nearly a decade. This time, when it got on the ballot, it passed. That was quite a relief for pretty much everyone who want and need access to medical marijuana to help with what ails them. It’s also something that I never thought I would giving to our dad. She is at a point where she actually just can’t live on her own any longer. I am self employed and work from a family room. This allows myself and others to keep him here with me. Actually, I have a small little apartment behind our home that she calls home. It took a bit of coaxing to get him to try the cannabis products but she finally gave in. I had hoped the cannabis education that I was a section of was right. There have been a lot of studies done that show medical cannabis to aid in dementia. The first time she tried it, there was a definite difference. Honestly, I could see that total recognition in her eyes. Gone was the frightfulness that lingered in there. I’m hoping with added use, I will be able to spend more lucid time with our father and she with me.

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