My first time in a dispensary

I can’t believe that I was really concerned about going into a dispensary the first time… I was a “noob” a newbie, a little virgin to the whole world of smoking.

I had a pretty sheltered upbringing, my parents were both overprotective and really religious, which meant I was raised seeing a really limited view of the world, but the problem with these kind of parents is they believe that keeping you ignorant is the same thing as protecting you.

This was successful (at least in their estimation) until I went away for school, and then my horizons expanded. I had been raised to believe that marijuana was a drug, and all drugs that weren’t prescribed by a doctor were bad, then but then marijuana legalization passed, and I realized that pot wasn’t disappointing at all, it had medicinal, healing properties to it, then even with all of that, I was still quite concerned went I went into that first marijuana dispensary, as if I was breaking some kind of rule and would get in trouble. The budtenders must have sensed by awkwardness, and a really nice marijuana expert walked myself and others around the store and offered myself and others a tour. It all seemed so normal, and I gradually understood that it WAS normal, marijuana was legal, safe, and medicinal, then after that I wasn’t nervous, and became a official customer of the marijuana dispensary, visiting it at least once a week even if I didn’t need to buy anything. If anyone out there is concerned about going into a marijuana dispensary, I encourage you to transport past it and check one out, you’ll adore it!
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