The guy was a professional thief

My best friend plus I went to the recreational marijuana supply store… Both of us were there to pick up a couple of grams of concentrate, then it was payday plus every one of us had a few extra dollars in our pocket, and jason decided to drive, so every one of us did not have to take the subway; While every one of us were waiting in line to buy our recreational marijuana supplies, there was a huge commotion, and an armed suspect walked up to the window plus pointed a gun at the budtender behind the counter.

It was the middle of the afternoon plus I could not guess our esure, the guy did not even have a mask on to hide his face.

He looked silly plus I tried not to make eye contact. I was worried that the guy would beginning shooting people in the middle of town. I hoped plus prayed that the budtender would stay calm until help could arrive. As soon as the guy pointed the gun at the budtender, she must have hit a silent alarm. The door on the side of the building came open plus an armed guard tackled the guy with the gun, then everything happened genuinely fast. There was a lot of noise plus some wrestling around, but the armed guard put the suspect in handcuffs. They did not open the marijuana supply store until the police arrived. The police asked a lot of questions plus Jason plus I had to give them a statement. Even though every one of us did not see everything that happened, the police wanted us to give them our version of the events. By the time every one of us finally got our recreational marijuana supplies, it was almost dark.


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