A really cannabis Christmas

When my youngsters were little, both of us did the whole Santa Claus thing for a few years. As soon as they were old enough to ask myself and others if Santa was real, mature enough to entirely question it, then both of us would tell them the truth. After that, both of us stilled played Santa games around the holidays, however both of us added the Krampus into the mix! Krampus is the evil opposite of Santa, and both of us put up decorations for him too! That was a long time ago, my youngsters are in school now, however they still come home for Christmas, so I’ve added a new wrinkle. I call him Krannibus, she is the Christmas spirit of marijuana, my youngsters don’t guess that I know, however I am fully aware that both of them smoke marijuana regularly. They believe they are being subtle, not realizing that they reek of cannabis smoke every time they come to visit me, however so this year after they went to sleep on Christmas Eve I slipped a few nice high quality marijuana nuggets into each of their stockings on the mantle. The next afternoon they opened up a few gifts, and then got into their stockings, and you should have seen their faces when they found a marijuana stash inside! They looked at each other in a panic, thinking it was from the other, then both of us explained the new legend of Krannibus, and how she leaves marijuana buds for nice boys and ladies. They had a immense laugh at that, and after that I spent the rest of Christmas day cooking food and smoking copious amounts of marijuana.