CBD Cream Helps My Blemishes

My skin has always been a mess, then ever since I went through puberty I have suffered with big blemishes.

  • I have tried proactive, scrub and clear and neutrogena products, however nothing has seemed to benefit my skin.

Well I guess I have finally found the magical cure in the form of marijuana. I look into skin cleaning remedies all of the time. I found in an online forum that people are smoking weed to improve their skin. Apparently weed can reduce inflammation in the body and it makes those blemishes look less green and angry. Another pro of smoking pot is that it also reduces the amount of sebum the body produces. This is the oily, waxy substance that clogs pores and causes acne. I went immediately to my local cannabis dispensary and looked at the products. I didn’t want an edible containing sugar, fat and carbs. I genuinely eat healthy to ensure better skin. The budtender really had a topical marijuana ointment for me. It looks similar to acne cream but it has parts of the cannabis plant in it. It has a nice fragrance and it isn’t too watery. I feel appreciate I am not instantly clogging my pores when I apply it to my face. I even splurged and got a facial scrub from the same line. I have been utilizing the products for around a month now and my acne is drying out. It is hardly noticeable and I am certain the marijuana products are the reason for it.


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