Economical reasons to legalize cannabis

For anyone who still has doubts over legalizing cannabis, they should take a look at the long list of medicinal benefits.

If that doesn’t convince, there are also economical reasons.

A study conducted three years ago discovered that legalizing cannabis at the federal level that year would have generated over 130 billion dollars in tax revenue between then and 2025. Passing favorable cannabis laws also reduces spending. The federal government spends about four billion dollars every year to uphold marijuana laws. There are a lot of cops spending their time arresting people for carrying and smoking a little bit of pot. Legalizing marijuana would save a great deal of money. Plus, taking marijuana off the list of controlled substances would trim costs associated with court cases that go to trial. There’s also the bonus of creating millions of jobs. We’ve seen that in states where laws have been passed to legalize cannabis, dispensaries and shops are opening up on every street corner. Taking a cannabis plant from seed to sale requires a lot of processes and people. There’s farmers, processors, retailers and distributors all involved. There’s training centers opening up to educate budtenders. Let’s not forget the lenders and builders who specialize in developing retail outlets. Consider the businesses who sell packaging and labeling materials as well as the gear for cannabis consumption. All of these businesses create jobs, earn money and pay taxes, stimulating our economy. It won’t be long before our government and the rest of the world realizes that legalizing marijuana is profitable. It was greed that led to propaganda against cannabis and eventually listing it as a controlled substance. It may very well be this same greed that leads to full legalization.

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