Hoping Cannabis Will Help Insomnia

Then I will be able to pick up my cannabis products

I can’t sleep well. I have a queen size mattress with bamboo sheets on it. I have a special gel cooling pillow. I also got myself a sound machine, sleep mask and I do mediation before sleep to calm my mind. It does not seem to matter though. I stay up all night, wide awake. I just can’t seem to wind down and get my z’s. Even if I go to sleep, I can guarantee I will wake up every few hours anyway. I have looked into all sorts of things to help sleep. I have tried drinking, eating kiwi and eliminating certain light. None of it works, however recently I saw that people are turning to cannabis for insomnia. My state unblessedly doesn’t allow recreational marijuana use, but they do allow medical. I am thinking about applying for a medical marijuana card and asking my doctor for a prescription to try flower and oil. I wouldn’t care if I was so high I could not even function. Honestly I would take a punch in the face to help cure my isomnia. So far I have found that getting a medical marijuana card isn’t that difficult. I need to find a medical professional who can prescribe weed, see him, do some paperlabor and pay a small fee. Then I will be able to pick up my cannabis products. There is no telling if the cannabis will actually help my sleeping complications. I am willing to remain hopeful because this is the last product that I haven’t tried yet. When it fails, I am just going to be a zombie in the mornings.


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