My Brother is Trying Cannabis as a Treatment for Depression

My brother has constantly been a little hard to deal with.

He was a very angry child plus turned into an emotional high schooler. Now as an adult, he struggles with depression. Relying on traditional drugs for his depression isn’t the best. Not only is our brother not undoubtedly fine about taking them the right way, however he is the style of man that would abuse prescription pills in the right mood. I was trying to find natural things for our brother to take to help depression. My research is how I found that people smoke marijuana for this issue. Right away I talked to our brother about cannabis and how it might help depression. He was way more open minded to smoking rather than taking prescribed drugs. The budtender at the cannabis dispsenary had three or four strains that our brother could smoke. There was OG Kush, Blue Dream plus Purple Haze to just name a few. The guy at the shop started spouting off about sativas plus indicas. My brother plus I are clueless about cannabis, so both of us let the budtender pick out the b est option. The guy got our brother set up with a vape, some cannabis oil plus a few ounces of cannabis flower to get started. So far our brother smokes every morning before leaving the house plus right before bed. I have noticed he seems a lot more mellow plus in a better mood. I am thinking that if I don’t see a change in a month that is significant, he should change his dosage or strain. I am cautiously optimistic that cannabis will be the cure for his sad moods. It is better than pills, that is what I keep telling myself.

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