Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card is Easier then I Expected

For years I have considered getting a medical marijuana prescription.

I don’t undoubtedly need cannabis for a bad health problem, I just enjoy how it makes myself and others feel. Since I don’t have to deal with PTSD, seizures, depression or anxiety, I figured I just wouldn’t be able to get a cannabis green card. I also thought the process of getting a medical marijuana card would be too taxing, and finally I decided to supply it a try plus fib a bit on our difficulties. I undoubtedly enjoy to smoke weed to sleep better at night. I told our doctor that I was dealing with insomnia. He immediately wrote myself and others a prescription for flower plus cannabis oil. It was a really brief conversation. I had to fill out some paperwork, apply for our medical card, pay for it plus wait to get the card in the mail. Then I was allowed to go to a medical marijuana dispensary. It was surreal walking into a legal cannabis shop. I kept expecting cops to burst through the doors, throw myself and others to our stomach plus cuff me. I thought I was going to get caught for not being truthful plus our card would be taken away. However, the experience was easy, pretty reasonably priced plus I got the weed that I wanted. I am now an official medical marijuana patient plus can get all our products I need each week. The medical strain of weed has different potency, however it is better than nothing. I am hoping that soon I will be cleared to try some peculiar THC plus CBD infused edibles.


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