We love using our cannabis delivery service

We are really enjoying using our cannabis delivery services lately.

It’s not something that we have really thought about using that much before, but with all of the shutdowns going on around here lately, we decided to try and start using legal cannabis product delivery instead of going all the way down to the legal recreational weed store in our area.

We are trying to stay at home as much as we possibly can these days with all of the craziness that’s going on. Of course, I never really liked shopping all that much anyway so I can’t say that I really miss going to the legal recreational weed store all that much at all. I do like checking out all of the new cannabis products that they have on the shelves sometimes, though. I told my husband that once they open back up to the public on a regular basis, I will probably venture out once in a while to go to the recreational cannabis stores. He says that he would prefer to just keep on using our cannabis delivery services for the next few months and I told him that was fine with me. I think that in a few more months, all of the stores will start to open up without restrictions and when that finally happens, I will be happy to go back out into the world without a mask again! At that point, I will probably be ready to go shopping at the legal recreational weed store again. Until then, I will definitely keep on using the cannabis delivery service that we love.

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