Cannabis has finally gotten on board

I suppose I am 1 of the few people that are kind of ecstatic with the way things are right now; I am not a social person or someone who cares about to travel, my task was originally online based too, but things increasing are better for me.

I love that my local grocery store is now offering delivery.

I can get all my prescriptions sent to me in the mail and my vet did a virtual check up with my cat. I never have to leave my cabin and inconvenience myself… For a while the local cannabis dispensary was the last guy standing. I had to get dressed, get gas and then drive to the local marijuana shop to option up my same cannabis products. I would get CBD oil to help me sleep and then OG Kush to smoke just for fun. I had the exact change since I knew what I was getting every single time. Finally my cannabis shop has closed its doors due to the virus, and you can still technically go inside, however you need to take a number and wait outside; A lot of people are doing curbside option up with the cannabis shop. For me, I pay extra to get cannabis delivery now. I have it set to arena an order every week for CBD oil and OG Kush. I then have my debit card linked up and address saved so all I need to do is confirm everything and wait. I suppose adore a king. I just wait for some peasant to bring me all my products when I want them.


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