Embracing medical cannabis

I am now absolutely particular that mental stress & physical pain are interwoven.

While western medicine does acknowledge a link between emotions & pain, they aren’t eager to figure it out.

At least not yet. All I guess is that I have dealt with chronic pain for way too long & he has a lot to do with our emotions. Finally, with the help of medical cannabis, there is hope for myself and others to be able to manage our pain. For years I have gotten a different diagnosis. Mostly,my doctors have said it is a nerve condition or fibromyalgia type diagnosis. But the pain meds & the treatments don’t really work. Not only was I not getting the relief I needed & wanted, the side effects were horrific. Not to mention that the long term effects of taking these drugs were unknown at best. I came to a point where I couldn’t take much more & wanted to try something else. Part of the direction included the use of cannabis flow products. In our state the medical marijuana regulations are allowable for chronic pain. Thankfully, I now have access to the cannabis dispensary. It has improved life. The people at the legal weed store have helped uncover the cannabis products that bring myself and others the most relief. Additionally, I have changed our entire approach to my health to a more holistic perspective. Medical cannabis has helped me with it. I’m just so thankful to have had the ability and encouragement to give up the prescriptions. Embracing medical cannabis has been a Godsend.


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