Fortunate that Medical Cannabis is Part of the Plan

I’m not lucky to have been stricken with cancer.

However, I am more than fortunate to have had the cancer detected in an early stage so I can get treatment.

This is key in myself and others being able to undergo treatment & have a superb option at getting our life back. I am also lucky that I have a good medical team who are including medical cannabis as a significant area of our treatment. From the outset, medical cannabis has been an element of the plan. While the initial surgery was able to remove the tumor, there is much to do. There is follow up radiation & chemotherapy for a while. The medical cannabis is there to help myself and others with that part. My treatments mess up my stomach & the resulting nausea can be even worse than the treatment. This is the reason I rely on medical marijuana. And I’m here to tell you it sure hasn’t let myself and others down one iota. From the first dose of cannabis flower products I received from the cannabis dispensary, I saw results. Not only was I far less sick to our stomach, the episodes of nausea didn’t last near as long. There were also surprising results when it came to pain relief as well. I was not anticipating that at all. Another thing I wasn’t anticipating from the medical cannabis was the positive feeling I get when I use it. It’s nice to have a sense of humor & happiness when going through such a life decreasing ordeal. I’m happy to have access to cannabis products.


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