I began learning none too soon

Way back in our early 20’s, I smoked marijuana a few times.

It was something most of our peers were into.

So of course, I wanted to try it out with them. But, it just legitimately wasn’t for myself and others & I never got into it. Once I got a career going, the plan of using cannabis products was even less likely. I was far too into being super dire & pursuing success no matter what it took. Isn’t it strange how all that dire stuff ended up making medical marijuana an area of our life. Life is strange. But, that is exactly what happened. The fallout from all that achievement was a battered emotional state. This came from decades of putting myself and others feelings & other’s feelings aside for work goals. Suddenly, there were unquestionably real & physical repercussions for all of that misguided living. The anxiety & depression came on and hit me like a bus. There was a time where I couldn’t even leave our home. None of the prescriptions were doing much good & I found myself in a desperate situation. Thankfully, I had a therapist who got myself and others through the medical regulations our legislature put in place so I could get access to medical cannabis. It was something of a last ditch effort for me. I was just at the end of our rope. But once I began being a customer of the cannabis store, I started to understand more. A cannabis education helped myself and others to see the medicinal power in cannabis products. And I began learning none too soon.

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