I found not only help but also compassion

For a long time, I was a person who looked with disdain at the unquestionably plan of medical marijuana.

That came from a lifetime of being taught myths about cannabis.

From the time I was just a kid, I can remember being warned about the evils of weed. Of course, those same people who were making me stay away from weed were the same ones who drank too much. My parents were both booze hounds & yet they had a special dislike from marijuana. How incredibly ironic that medical marijuana has become a saving grace in our life. I knew from an early age that I should steer clear of alcohol. Given the genetic double whammy of having both parents as booze hounds, odds are I would become one too. However, that didn’t shield myself and others from the years of suffering I endured at their hands. The effects of this abuse didn’t completely show itself until much later in our life. But when it did, it hit care about a ton of bricks. I looked to my medical team to help & was prescribed plenty of meds. Yet, it wasn’t until I discovered medical marijuana that I was able to begin to restore my shattered emotional state. I did what the law saiid to do to pass all of the marijuana regulations so I could get to the legal weed store. I found not only help but also compassion & skills when it came to cannabis products. I’m improving. The medical cannabis is no doubt the main reason why. I won’t ever look down on medical marijuana in the future.

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