I indeed get amazing relief from all the stiffness

Once I heard our doctor blurt out MS, I remember everything sort of blurring plus slowing way down.

  • It was as though I was watching this scene detached from our body plus underwater or something.

This occurred when I was not quite 30 plus a recent mom. The method that I would be having to deal with MS was just about the furthest thing from our mind. The doctors got myself and others into a treatment program right away. I also made some important lifestyle changes to my diet, exercise plus spiritual work. The doctors also commanded that I start using medical cannabis in addition to the medications. This was yet another thing I was caught off guard by when I got the MS diagnosis. However, they assured myself and others that the medical marijuana would help reduce the stiffness plus spasms that I could experience. I didn’t have to be told more than once and got myself down to the cannabis dispensary. It was amazing to find such qualified medical advice at a legal weed store. Honestly, I wasn’t really sure just what to expect. Thankfully, I was put in great hands with a staff member who currently does a great deal. She had done quite a bit of research on MS plus how cannabis products could assist people manage. While I had tried marijuana before, I hadn’t in a long time. When I began using medical cannabis, I indeed got amazing relief from all the stiffness. However, I also discovered I was seeing a calming perspective that I came from medical cannabis as well. It has been an easily welcome aspect to my treatment for MS.

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