I use marijuana as a stress reliever

It’s been quite some time since I used any sort of cannabis product.

Wow, did I ever forget how nice it is. But, it came right back to me. I wondered why I have gone so long without using cannabis. That answer was pretty obvious. I just really didn’t have the access. Now that I do, I’m so thankful to have that sense of freedom and emotional release that cannabis affords me. Life is stressful a lot, and I can get rather overwhelmed that’s for sure. I just get so focused on trying to manage or control all the aspects of our life. Cannabis products allow me to remember that you can’t control everything. In fact, THC helps me remember that I can really only live in the current moment. So, it’s enjoyable now to have access to cannabis with the local cannabis spot near me. But what I wasn’t expecting was just how enjoyable a spot it is! Most arenas that I shop at, it’s best for me to get in and get out. I tend to be laser focused on just getting the stuff I need and then leaving. Some of this is time saving, but mostly, I hate dealing with pushy salespeople. When I went into the cannabis corporation in my community, I was amazed. Not only was I stunned by all the variety and hybrid strains for sale, the staff was undoubtedly helpful. I’d been out of the cannabis game for some time so it was enjoyable to be able to get some guidance. The whole experience was just excellent!

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