Inflammation is Powerful but Cannabis Helps

Part of that approach has been employing medical cannabis.

When medical marijuana was first under consideration for legality in our state, I was not a fan. But, I was also a unquestionably cynical person at that time as well. I was thinking that stoners were attempting to put one over on all of us with the medical marijuana designation. I figured they were getting pot the only way they could. Some years later, I am talking out the other side of our mouth. How your perspective changes when you are forced to change. My take on medical marijuana made me do a flip flop due to inflammation. My condition came on haltingly, however once it set in, I was confused by what had happened to me. Prior to all the inflammation, I was a healthy & active person. However, once the inflammation set in, I was powerless to do much at all. The dentists offered myself and others meds however they did little more than cover over the situation. I went this route for several years & legitimately never felt much better. Whatever drug I was on would simply not work as well once I had been on it a while. Finally, I just had to try to deal with it some other way. With the help of a dentist, I began to take myself off of the meds & began to treat my health more holistically. Part of that approach has been employing medical cannabis. The results were both real & immediate. In conjunction with a more healthy way of eating, yoga & de stressing our life, medical cannabis has almost completely ridded the inflammation from our life. It has been an amazing progression & one that would not have been feasible without cannabis products.



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