It has been an outstanding transformation

When medical marijuana was first being pushed for legality in our region, I was cynical.

But, I was also a easily cynical man in general. My take was that stoners were trying to put 1 over on all regular folks with the medical marijuana designation. I figured it was the only way they could get themselves any sort of legal access to cannabis products. Some years later, I have changed my mind. How things change when your perspective is forced to change. My take on medical marijuana flipped all around due to inflammation. My condition came on rather slowly but once the inflammation set in, I was confounded by what had happened to me. Prior to this health scare, I was a healthy plus active guy. However, once the inflammation set in, I was powerless to do much. The doctors gave myself and others meds but they did little more than cover up the situation. I went this route for a long time but really never got any lasting improvement. Whatever drug I was on would simply lose efficacy once I had been on it a while. Finally, I just had to figure something else out. With the help of a doctor, I began to wean myself off of the pills the doctor gave me plus began to treat the condition more holistically. Part of that holistic method has been the use of medical cannabis. The results have been both real plus immediate. In conjunction with eating better, doing yoga plus de-stressing our life, medical cannabis has almost removed inflammation from our life. It has been an outstanding transformation plus 1 that I would not have had without cannabis products.

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