Legal marijuana is part of holistic change in my life

I find it fascinating that an actual weed that just grows wild can be so totally beneficial to people.

However, when the weed is cannabis, it comes with a whole lot of baggage as well. Fortunately, with the advent of legal weed, all the myths and garbage about recreational marijuana use is fading. I never quite understood it anyway. My dad could get loaded on booze all weekend but the idea of recreational cannabis was anathema. That just never ceased to puzzle me. But those were the days where there was still so much misinformation about recreational cannabis. Today, I can go to the legal weed store near me and get what I need. I really hadn’t been into recreational weed since my college and grad school days. However, when our region made it where people could get legal cannabis, I was in for giving it a go again. And I’m really glad that I did. Legal cannabis is part of my holistic change. I have been caught up in a lifestyle that was too much style and not enough life. Getting back to basics and embracing the better parts of life are now a priority in my life. All the stressors in my life were really starting to cause me episodes of dark depression and anxiety. A dear friend suggested that I needed to realize what was important in life and what was ancillary. It took some deep honesty and soul searching but, I am now embracing a simpler, now based life. And being able to go to the legal cannabis dispensary is a big part of being able move toward the life that I want to lead.

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