Light rooms for growing cannabis generate a lot of extra heat

He said that these new lights completely solved his heat problem

People don’t realize how much heat comes off a standard light bulb. Some are so powerful and hot that you’ll see soot stains on the ceiling right above the bulbs installed above bathroom vanities for instance. The bulbs get so hot that they slowly burn the paint on the ceiling above. When I learned this, I slowly changed all of the bulbs in my house to energy efficient LED lights. They emit heat at a drastically reduced degree, barely feeling warm to the touch by comparison. They also last longer and require much less electricity to be illuminated. It’s a win-win situation to use LED lighting. This is especially so with the cool LED light strips you can buy these days that can be installed around the home and are controllable with smart phone applications. They give you dozens of color options and modes that sync to music blasting from speakers. Interestingly enough, I have a friend who just got into cultivating marijuana, and he was talking about lights with me right after I had made my transition to LEDs. He said that the heat from the lights in his grow room was becoming a serious issue for the rest of his house. I told him he should look into LED lights made for cultivating marijuana plants. When we looked online, we discovered that many people get away with using standard LED bulbs you’d find in bedside lamps that simulate 60watt bulbs. They’re cheap and easy to access. But for my friend’s larger operation, we found these amazing high performance light fixtures that are engineered for cannabis farming. He said that these new lights completely solved his heat problem. Best of all, he said he’s also getting the best yields from his crops that he has ever had in his life growing cannabis. It’s amazing to see the results.

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