My bosses at the dispensary are great people

I need to rant about tipping a little bit. Now that I am in a position to get tips, I have opinions about it. One thing that has never changes is that the concept of having to pay for something, and then tip the person you are paying, is insane to me. Wait staff should be paid a good wage, and not have to hustle for tips from the customers. So yes it sucks when people don’t tip, but the bigger issue is that why does anyone even need to tip? Now that I am a full time driver for the cannabis delivery service offered by the dispensary, I do get tips sometimes, but it is strictly voluntary on the part of the client, so it is appreciated but not expected. The kind of tips I really like are when the customers pinch a little bit from their fresh delivery of cannabis and hand that over to me. It feels like a genuine expression of gratitude, like “hey man thanks for bringing me my cannabis” whereas handing over a couple of bucks feels more begrudging. The couple who own the cannabis dispensary are really nice people, and offer a living wage to their employees. I know that not every cannabis dispensary treats their employees as well, so we are all very appreciative of this. Something that other cannabis dispensary owners, and all business owners, could learn from is that when you treat your employees with respect, then those people will work so much harder for you. Take my word for it!

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