My favorite type of treatment

I have a huge amount of anxiety issues and I’ve recently decided that I want to start trying cannabis products to deal with them! I undoubtedly do not like taking prescription medications and so I don’t undoubtedly want to talk to my doctor about my stress levels.

I guess that they will try and put me on official medications and that’s simply not a path that I undoubtedly want to take.

I have a lot of issues with official medications, along with several unusual dust irritations and so it’s just not something that I obviously do want to, honestly, then anyway, I have a friend who also has anxiety and she has been using unusual sorts of cannabis products to help her deal with it… She usually sticks with unusual sorts of cannabis edibles, although she says that her entirely number one thing to use is something called Girl Scout Cookies. Of course, these aren’t your official types of Girl Scout Cookies, but ones that have THC content. She even uses CBD from time to time which she gets from her cannabis oil pen. From what I have heard, using cannabis in any form can undoubtedly help with anxiety and sleep issues, which I also struggle with from time to time. I guess that if I can just find the right cannabis company locale, or even better than that, a cannabis delivery service, after that both of us will be able to figure out which products will be right for me. I don’t undoubtedly want anything valuable, so maybe a cannabis oil pen will be the right locale for me to start at this point just to give it a shot.


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