People at cannabis stores are nice and knowledgeable

I just normally dislike having to go shopping. If it’s clothes or something like that, then it’s worse because I have to fend off sales people trying to sell me stuff. But the grocery store isn’t much better. I tend to be in there shopping at the busiest times because people seem to be all around me all the time! When I can, I tend to spend a bit more for a better shopping experience. I find there is some value in paying a bit more to get a more personalized experience. This is exactly what I get when I go to the cannabis dispensary near me. It’s just a beautiful experience and place. My local cannabis spot is one that is not overrun with people. The staff really make sure that every shopper is attended to. But, they aren’t pushy or looking to move a particular new cannabis strain. It’s just an easy locale to be in. Plus, perhaps it’s all the cannabis products but, people are just nice in there. I haven’t ever been pushed or had a bunch of grabby people around me. The shopping experience in the marijuana dispensary is just easy, nice and never rushed. However, the selection at the local cannabis spot is amazing. There is any sort of cannabis product I could imagine available. The staff have so much know-how that it makes the experience even that much better. And they listen! That is something sort of unregular in most of our shopping experiences. Shopping at the cannabis dispensary is one of the few shopping experiences that I eagerly await.